Are you wondering what the top 10 places to photograph in Vancouver are? Vancouver is arguably Canada’s most photogenic city. From stunning snow-capped peaks to beaches lining the Pacific Ocean, it’s not difficult to take a beautiful photograph here. Pacific Northwest beauty meets the urban jungle in this city, providing endless options for practicing your photography skills or gaining instagram glory. 

Whether you’re a resident of this stunner of a city or passing through on a visit, here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best places to photograph in Vancouver.

1. Gastown

Brilliant by day or night, this historic area has textures and buildings to satisfy photographers across the visual interest board. Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, combining the old and new for a fascinating juxtaposition in an urban community. Storefronts can be found inside of “modern heritage buildings”. There are endless options if you want to stop in at a cafe, restaurant or shop, most of which are very trendy and offer their own fun interior backdrops for a good photo. 

Gastown’s cobblestone roads and old world architecture stand against the mountains of North Vancouver, offering a one of a kind cityscape for your camera. But Gastown’s pièce de résistance is the Steam Clock, an iconic structure that is powered by steam and whistles to tell the time. 

If the crowds at the Steam Clock are daunting or you want something more off the wall, you can saunter down a few blocks to Water Street which looks like a 19th century British town, lined with antique lamp posts, begging for you take a very “in vogue” photo. Around here is Vancouver’s Flatiron Building, many famous cities have one and they’re always photo ready.

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